Colombia Aponte Nariño Pour Over


  1. Grinder Mahlkonig EK43
  2. Scale- Acaia Pearl
  3. Kettle - Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle | Studio Edition
  4. Dripper – Origami Large
  5. Stand – Timemore Muse
  6. Server – Hario V60 #2


First, you'll want to rinse your filter paper with hot water to eliminate any lingering papery taste. Not
only will this improve the flavor of your coffee, but it will also preheat the brewer.

Once that's done, carefully add 30g of medium/fine coffee grounds to the center of the V60. To optimize
the brewing process, create a small well in the middle of the grounds.

Now, it's time for the bloom. Begin by gently pouring 60g of ~206°F water, ensuring that all the coffee is
saturated in this initial phase. Once you've added the water, pick up your V60 and swirl it in a circular
motion. This action will help mix the water and coffee evenly. Allow this mixture to rest and bloom for
up to 45 seconds.

Next, you'll pour the remaining water in two phases. Aim to add 60% of the total water within 30
seconds. As you reach the 300g mark, and a total brewing time of 1:15, pour with slight agitation, but
avoid causing an uneven extraction.

When you've added 60% of the total brew weight, start to pour more slowly and gently, keeping your
V60 cone topped up. You'll want to reach 100% of your brew weight in the next 30 seconds.

Once you reach the 500mL mark, use a spoon to give the V60 a small stir in one direction, then in the
other. This action will dislodge any grounds stuck to the side, finishing your brew at 3:30.


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Showing 1–4 of 7 results