It was all a dream
About Offshore

Jack Campbell, Ross Mackay & Jason Fernandez began roasting coffee as a simple passion project in Jack's mom's basement. One batch after another, they strived to create flavors that invoked the simple joy from your first sip of morning coffee. As time went on, their process improved and roasting coffee went from recreation to something more.

Friends and family from around Jersey began placing orders for the locally-roasted, small-batch quality coffee. The long effort of continuously roasting, brewing, and tasting coffee seemed to be paying off. People other than us were enjoying the coffee!

The spontaneous passion project began consistently delivering satisfaction to many people’s everyday lives, and Offshore Coffee Roasters grew into their first brick-and-mortar location in Long Branch, NJ. Now Offshore not only delivers quality coffee but an entire atmosphere that reflects the care and passion into every batch.


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Showing 1–4 of 7 results